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The New Scorpio Stabilized Head is the next level of Stabilized heads world wide. Following the principles of the previous Scorpio Stabilized Head, the design of the new gyros, new mechanics and new software allows to be Faster, Easier and, of course, more Effective..


  • Pan axis revolutions 360º in 3 seconds with HD slip rings to allow fast movements following the action.
  • The new design with the axis sliding through bars allows to adjust the size of the head quickly.
  • All the connections, covers and movements are protected for water allowing to work under humidity or rain without rain cover for the head.


  • The next level of stabilization allows the head to be solid with no drift and easy to maintain the horizon with the new real horizon function.


Stabilization over 400mm
  • The main upgrade for the Scorpio Stabilized Head V is the level of Stabilization. The Head incorporates new mechanics and electronics designed in detecting a big range of frequencies of vibrations and with enough speed to correct faster than other heads.
  • The New Head has a second tilt axis with its own motor and magnetic Wedge plate which gives 50mm of vertical travel reducing big lateral bumps and movements.



Established in 2002. Scorpio Ops has been providing professional film equipment and technicians to the entertainment industry within Australia and worldwide, everything from a 6kg Micro Scorpio Head to a Supercharged 4X4 Tundra with the latest digital Scorpio Stabilised Arm & Head.

Specialised remote camera systems is all we do. Call us 24/7 so we can help customise the right package to suit your demands.


The mechanical and electronic designs make Gyro-stabilised head one of the most sturdy, reliable and advanced in its category.
Scorpio Arm is a Robotic camera crane controlled from inside the camera car, can rotate 360 Degrees continuously around the vehicle fast.
A capable on & offroader seating 5-6 people with a high level of performance and handling whether you are filming in a desert or on a racetrack.
The Paralinx TOMAHAWK HDMI System is a revolutionary HD Video Transmission system offering Real Time Wireless HD.

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