“Scorpio Ops, the only company in the country with back-up Vehicles, Arms and Heads.”


Since 2002 Beau Sevastos (Sevaxis) has been specializing in Scorpio Remote Equipment.

Experience, adaptability and state-of-the art technology are the essential elements that Beau and his Team bring to every project.

This has made Sevaxis as an internationally recognized company, known for its work on major films like Wolverine and the 2nd Unit of Pirates of the Caribbean 5, TVC’S for automotive giants like BMW and more intimate projects like The Water Diviner.

The origins of the company lie in Beau’s early training in Sydney as a grip in 1995 on TVC’s and U.S features.

In Early 2000 he ventured to Europe, working with Arri Munich as a Techocrane operator and Scorpio Technician on various U.S. features

Whilst abroad he trained on numerous occasions at Service Vision in Barcelona and Technocrane in Pilzin.

Beau gained an appreciation for high-tech film equipment and operating skills at every level of the business. After Several years of working and training abroad he returned to Australia with a vision to set up a Specialised Remote Camera System Company  “Sevaxis”.

He  is now embracing the brand Scorpio Ops that he continues to pursue today.


Est. 2002

Scorpio Ops is your full service remote camera system company with the latest digital technology.

Scorpio Ops provides immediate service to the Australia and the Asia-Pacific, with East Coast offices in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Our proven track record of providing professional film equipment worldwide is second to none.

Scorpio Ops arsenal includes everything from a Supercharged 500+ Horse powered Tundra Trophy Truck mounted with the latest digital Scorpio Stabilized Arm down to and a 6Kg Micro Scorpio Head.

We are the only company in the country with back-up Vehicles, Arms and Heads.

Scorpio Ops also has a workshop full of spare parts and machinery where we are constantly maintaining, fabricating and refining the equipment.

As hands-on technicians in the field we understand the demands of a constantly evolving and fast-moving film industry – and are extremely passionate about being at the forefront in every way, every time.

It is our goal to provide you with the most cost-effective, efficient and adaptable tools and professional assistance to get the job done.

Get in touch for a demo, we love showing off our toys.